About Friends of CoW

We are an all-volunteer organization. The following people are super important to our work at Chilis on Wheels. Without them our lives would be so much harder. They brighten our days, and give of their time and their talents. We are so lucky to count on them!



Michelle Thiele

Michelle is our NYC Chapter Director. She is in charge of all the cooking, and organizing to make sure that the meal shares are successful!

Carla Tejada

Carla is our Volunteer Coordinator. She contacts, recruits, organizes, and coordinates all volunteer activity!

Anthony Martinez


Anthony is our Vegan Education Director. He is in charge of our program to provide education and mentorship to people transitioning to a plant-based diet at all income levels.

Christian Murillo

Christian is our Director of Chapter Development. He is in charge of coordinating and communicating with all our Chapter organizers.

Eric Holtz 

Eric is our Director of Information Technology. He helps us out with all our technical and technological needs!

Nicole Huguenin

Nicole is our Administration Support and Strategic Support. She helps us organize all our internal and external communications, and helps direct implementation strategy to our vision.

 Ivan Gutierrez

Ivan is our co-Founder,  our in-house designer, producing our marketing materials and logos.