August Going-Ons!

Check Out What's New with Chilis on Wheels

Check Out Whats New With Chilis on Wheels… 
August 2nd, 2018

We are excitedly planning all the sorts of posts that we will be publishing- ranging from issues related to homelessness, poverty, veganism, being a working-class vegan, social-inequalities and capitalism as it relates to animal liberation, personal reflections of volunteers, organizers, and community and their experiences. We are accepting contributions, if you would like to join us. 

We’re working on a lot of new things that you’ll see very soon, and chapters are about to be opening in many new cities. Our Casa Vegana de la Comunidad in Puerto Rico is growing, and thriving with weekly events and workshops. Check out our events in August! And we’re building platforms that will showcase the work our tireless volunteers and organizers are already performing week after week after week. 

While the future of our communities is looking less and less bright with criminalization of poverty, defunding of social programs, commodification of everything, a widening between social classes and a lack of resources and opportunities; our work is getting bigger and harder. 

Check out La Raza for Liberation, “created to amplify the voices of Latinx, Afro-Latinx, and Indigenous people in the U.S. who continually fight towards a collective movement, but get left out of the mainstream narrative.” They are currently on tour building bridges across movements, organizations, and activists, and are currently partnering with Chilis on Wheels to organize meal shares across the US in the cities that they visit. Here’s their schedule!

  • NYC/NJ – August
  • Philadelphia – September
  • DC/Baltimore – October
  • Miami – November
  • Winter:
  • New Orleans – December
  • Houston – December
  • San Antonio/Austin – January 2019
  • El Paso – February

If you are in one of these places and you’d like to help organize a meal share or start a chapter, be sure to get in touch!

Our lovely friends at Sanctuary Publishers came out with yet another gem: Food Justice, a Primer by Saryta Rodriguez. Please order yourself a copy! A percentage of the proceeds benefits our work at Casa Vegana de la Comunidad. And I am honored to include a tiny Teachable Moment of how the we established vegan food relief here in the island in the wake of Hurricane Maria. But the real work is behind the talented contributors and editors, many of whom happen to be my friends and colleagues. Seriously, order one! 

For our Spanish speakers, this Friday tune in to Vinculo Animal, a radio program dedicated to all animal liberation issues where Cindy and I will be talking about veganism and our work at Casa Vegana de la Comunidad. 

Find us in Black Veg Fest in August 11th in Brooklyn! We’ll be having a table. Come by and chat!

And check out our blog in the coming weeks for contributions from our Maui and New Brunswick chapters! 

Dishing out compassion for the animals, for the planet, for each other…  

Michelle Carrera
Founder and Executive Director
Chilis on Wheels
Casa Vegana de la Comunidad 

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