Celebrate Our Milestone!

Meet Our First Ever Employee...

Celebrate Our Milestone!
Meet Our First Ever Employee…
July 7th, 2018

As you know, Chilis on Wheels has been building community around free vegan food since 2014. What started with 15 meals in New York, has grown to weekly meal shares, clothing shares, a Free Store, Vegan Education initiatives, Dog Food for homeless dogs, vegan food relief after natural disasters, a vegan community house with weekly events and workshops, thousands served at our Thanksgiving Feast, and chapters in cities across the US. All of this work has always been done by volunteers! Well, I’m here to tell you folks that thanks to an amazing donor, we have just hired our very first person! What a milestone!

We are so thankful to Cindy for all she has done already. She was a crucial part of our vegan food relief efforts right after Hurricane Maria. She led the efforts in Santurce, as I traveled to the west side of the island to serve the communities in Mayaguez, Cabo Rojo, and San German. Cindy enlisted her contacts into volunteering and helping us distribute the meals to the nursing homes, orphanages, and domestic violence shelters that were not being provided with meals after the storm. Her support has always been unwavering.Cindy Negron is our new Events Marketing Coordinator in Puerto Rico! She is in charge of all the events at the Casa Vegana de la Comunidad, and everything related to all the marketing surrounding those events. At Casa Vegana de la Comunidad, our goal is to draw in the non-vegan community and provide fun, entertaining, educational workshops on veganism and sustainability at a weekly basis at no cost to participants. We are doing this through Cooking Workshops, performed by local leading vegan celebrities in Puerto Rico, like Cindy herself with her business Veganizalo, like Lina Castillo from Poliniza, Leslie Vega from Que Mamey, like panels composed of folks like Liberacion Animal Puerto Rico- and the hosts of Vinculo Animal, a local radio station exploring all sorts of animal issues. We hold monthly Movie Nights, where we watch a different documentary or full-feature film related to veganism. And we are already planning a Big Bash for Three Kings Day to celebrate the holiday with the community while presenting veganism in an accessible, fun, and community-bound way! 

Cindy is a vegan mom who loves sharing her vegan lifestyle. She is certified as a Coach and Educator in Vegan Lifestyle (VLCE) by the Main Street Vegan Academy. She is the creator of Veganizalo a project that shares comfort vegan food, educates and creates online content and media.

We are super happy to have Cindy join us, and we are super excited to be able to provide economic incentive in Puerto Rico in addition to the meal-shares and workshops. We hope that this is the start of our growth, rooted into our communities, supported by our online and real-life friends and family, and ready to do more and more to make veganism accessible to communities of low-income, and to provide the support to our most vulnerable communities- always looking towards solidarity and love in our Good Fight. 

Thanks for all your support throughout the years! I hope I can count on you to grow alongside us! 

For the animals, for the planet, for each other…

Michelle Carrera
Founder and Executive Director
Chilis on Wheels
Casa Vegana de la Comunidad 

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