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Los Angeles

We have made it our mission to make veganism accessible to communities in need throughout Los Angeles- and we welcome you to join us! Through our service, we hope to break down the barriers that may be preventing the members of our community from enjoying the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Learn more about the work that we do and how you can help out below!

Our Services...

With the goal of making veganism accessible to all, our services are completely free of charge. As we work to establish our roots throughout Los Angeles, we are actively working to increase the amount of services that we can offer to the members of our community!

Meal Shares

Through our regularly scheduled meal shares at local shelters, soup kitchens, and open spaces, we provide vegan food to anyone in need of a warm meal. In addition to chili, we now offer a wide range of vegan meal options to best cater to our communities needs.

Help Make Veganism Accessible to All!

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We are funded by the generous support of our supporters like you. Click below to make a Los Angeles specific donation to help make the work that we do possible!

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Help us make veganism accessible to New England year round by becoming a monthly supporter. Click below to sign up for recurring, Los Angeles specific donations!

Reach Out to Us!

Looking to collaborate, suggest a location, or simply have a question? Reach out to us and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!