Although Chilis on Wheels is always evolving, it is currently is composed of four core programs- Emergency Food Relief, Dog-Food Relief, Vegan Education, Youth Engagement

Emergency Vegan Food Relief

We provide vegan meals to people in need. We serve the homeless, the food insecure, and the community at large. Food is placed in sealed bowls and distributed at particular locations where people kno0w to expect us, or is distributed through the streets with outreach teams.


Vegan Dog-Food Relief

We provide vegan dog food to people experiencing homelessness with dogs. Pets are often a source of great emotional comfort and companionship to people that have experienced such hardships, as well as a source of safety.


Vegan Education

We provide vegan outreach with leaflets produced by The Advocacy for Veganism Society- TAVS. We speak to people interested and open to the message of veganism, and its attainability at all income levels. We provide mentorship and coaching to those seeking to change their life to reflect the tenets of compassion and empathy. We post a weekly low-cost vegan recipe in our blog: Low Income Vegan Extraordinaire (LIVE) along with tips on low-cost vegan living.


Youth Engagement

We provide a platform of encouragement and mentorship to children and teenagers to engage positively and participate in building and improving their community. We engage young children to volunteer with their parents and model a positive community experience to them. We reach out to high schools and engage teenagers in community service and empower them to take positions of leadership in order to serve the community.