Start A Chapter

We welcome the surge of chapters aiming to replicate our efforts of bringing vegan chili to people in need of a warm meal. If you are interested in opening up a chapter, please get in touch with us. Contact us at [email protected] We will guide you through the process.

Check out TheVTeamTour and request a stop! We are traveling across the country, starting chapters and helping people build community around free vegan food. We can help!

Food distributed does not necessarily have to be a chili but it MUST BE VEGAN.
Volunteers do not have to be vegan but must show respect towards vegans and have a willingness to learn about veganism.
Materials must be environmentally friendly as much as possible. Recycled materials, etc.

We are excited to spread the vegan message as we show compassion for animals, the planet, and people. Let’s dish out compassion and warm up the world!