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Saturday Distribution: Returning Voices

Saturday Distribution: Returning Voices

Our Saturday Distribution posts are back! Due to some stress, and normal life stuff, it became a little difficult to write after our vegan food distribution, it’s interesting to note how life sometimes has a way of silencing the heart.

Low Income Vegan Extraordinaire: Curried Okra with Chickpeas

Low Income Vegan Extraordinaire: Curried Okra with Chickpeas

Low Income Vegan Extraordinaire: Curried Okra with Chickpeas This recipe is pretty inexpensive, extremely filling, and absolutely delicious!

Saturday Distribution: Birthday Musings

Saturday Distribution: Birthday Musings

Last weekend was my birthday weekend, I turned 35 on Sunday. I asked my close friends and family to make a donation to Chilis on Wheels instead of gifts. Aside from being in a minimalist kick (I have donated most of my belongings except for my kitchen tools), there is…

Saturday Distribution- Numbers, People, Pictures

It’s easy for me to get hung up on numbers. I was a program data director for non-profits in my previous life. My days revolved around numbers, goals and outcomes, meeting quotas, measuring progress. Now as I seek funding for Chilis on Wheels, I also go back to my training…

Saturday Distribution with amazing photography

Distribution of May 9, 2015 started as usual, with a kitchen full of chili and water bottles, and high spirits for the day. We again rented a zip car in order to take us to the city. It is the best option for us right now because the carts are…

Doing the math: 1+1+you=600 vegan chili

I sat down and tallied up the total amount of vegan chili servings distributed to the homeless and the community in New York, Boston, and Puerto Rico. We have served over 600 meals since our inception. 600+ meals! I’m a little in awe.

Saturday Distribution (with lots of pictures!)

Our Saturday Distribution started off heavy. We packed 76 vegan chili portions, three cases and a half of waters, and some vegan dog food bags into three carts. The carts had never been heavier. We want to sincerely thank Ivan for all he does. He sometimes becomes the invisible hand,…

Compassionate Weekend Warriors! Part II: Distribution

On Sunday we distributed 70 vegan chili and 76 water bottles! This was possible due to contributions from Anita Follins! A huge thank you to our volunteers: Hilda, Leiah, Julianna, Leticia, Rodney, and Rodney Jr., and Ollie! Slowly we are getting to know people and hear their stories, and will be…


We were interviewed twice this week: by Fabio Chaves from Vista-se, the largest Brazilian vegan online magazine, and by Victoria Clark from Thursday Inteview, a showcase of in depth interviews with “dynamic creatives, innovators and troublemakers”. Check us out in both places! Vista-se: (in Portuguese)  http://vista-se.com.br/ao-lado-do-filho-de-4-anos-mae-distribui-refeicoes-veganas-a-moradores-de-rua-nos-eua/   And Thursday Interview: (in…

Chilis on Wheels en Despierta América!

Gracias a Birmania Ríos y a las personas lindas de Despierta América en Univisión, aquí les comparto el vídeo del segmento en donde hablaron sobre nuestra labor de traer chili vegano a personas necesitadas. Mi corazón crece con cada muestra de apoyo. http://entretenimiento.univision.com/video/590492/2015-04-08/despierta-america/tus-hijos/ella-cambia-el-mundo-con-chili-on-wheels-despierta-america/embed Un millón de gracias! Si quieren aportar…