Saturday Distribution- Numbers, People, Pictures

Saturday Distribution- Numbers, People, Pictures



It’s easy for me to get hung up on numbers. I was a program data director for non-profits in my previous life. My days revolved around numbers, goals and outcomes, meeting quotas, measuring progress. Now as I seek funding for Chilis on Wheels, I also go back to my training and concentrate on numbers, which foundations seem to thrive on. This weekend alone was fantastic for numbers: In NY: 125 meals. 200 water bottles, 4 dog-food bags. 12 vegan education engagements; in San Diego: 30 meals, 30 water bottles; in Puerto Rico: 15 meals, 13 water bottles, 4 dog food bags. The numbers were great! But, it’s not about numbers. I am not removed from what we do. 125 meals, means 125 people, with faces and names and lives, experiencing hardships at a level I cannot thoroughly understand.

125 people that stop to chat with us and wish us luck, and shake our hands, and allow us to glimpse a world beyond our own, allow us for a very brief period of time, to understand that the world does not in fact revolve around us. And I’m not going to lie, it give us a sense of purpose in our lives and a satisfaction of doing our part to ease someone else’s hardship even if it is as momentary a relief, as providing lunch, and a smile, and a chat, and handshake.

distribution 5.30a

This weekend the kids really stepped up. Ollie and Bear scouted the park letting people know that we were there, encouraging them to get a warm meal. They then also gave out chili and water at the table. I really enjoy seeing the kids engaged in their community, having a positive frame around the word “work”, and really having genuine fun helping people.

Bear, Christopher, and Ollie scout the park.

Bear, Christopher, and Ollie scout the park.

Bear gives out chili and water at the table-

Bear gives out chili and water at the table-

Ollie distributes water-

Ollie distributes water- **Photo by Laura Kolbe Dotterer**

Our other youth, our teenagers were also Veganteers with us this weekend. Grace, a senior from Ed Murrow, became team leader as she took charge of a cart and distributed along Avenue C and the park’s vicinity.

Grace- Senior from Ed Murrow- Chilis on Wheels Team Leader- distributing chili

Grace- Senior from Ed Murrow- Chilis on Wheels Team Leader- distributing chili **Photo by Laura Kolbe Dotterer**

While at a table we met a number of people curious about veganism and we talked to them about it, and shared ways in which they too can incorporate compassion in their diet. Some kind people even made donations, with which we purchased more water bottles as we ran low.

Kind woman making a donation-

Kind woman making a donation- we mostly depend on individual donations and are super grateful to our donors! **Photo by Laura Kolbe Dotterer**

Overall it was another great Saturday distribution, and a huge thanks goes to the people whose donations made it possible: Amanda Fields and Ronald Manning. And a huge thanks to our Veganteers: Anthony, Julianna, Christopher, Bear, Ollie, Ivan, Grace, Melissa, and Laura.

The numbers don’t lie, we ARE providing a much needed service to the community, and we are ambitious in our goals of becoming a permanent vegan food-hub in the community, but it’s because of people like John and Ed, and Tyrone, Aaron, and Maria. Because we want to help one another, because food should be free and no one should ever go hungry, and animals are lives and should never be considered food.

**Here are some pictures of the distribution, courtesy of Laura Kolbe Dotterer. (Stay tuned in a few days for pictures of San Diego and Puerto Rico’s distribution!)**

distribution 5.30LKDy

John and Ed

distribution 5.30LKDu

We added a bed of rice in order to stretch out our portions

distribution 5.30LKDv

Distributing chili

distribution 5.30LKDw


distribution 5.30LKDt

We feed the entire family- vegan chili and vegan dog food

distribution 5.30LKDs

Grace and Melissa- teenagers from Ed Murrow High School take a break after a chili run

distribution 5.30LKDr


distribution 5.30LKDq

Tony shared thoughts on chili in differents parts of the world

distribution 5.30LKDp

Antwon who just got back from Philadelphia

distribution 5.30LKDo

In between crowds

distribution 5.30LKDn

Chilis on Wheels Drive thru

distribution 5.30LKDl

Fun in the community

distribution 5.30LKDk

Ollie distributes

distribution 5.30LKDj

Anthony distributes

distribution 5.30LKDi

Julianna distributes

distribution 5.30LKDh


distribution 5.30LKDf


distribution 5.30LKDe


distribution 5.30LKDd

Ollie had some vegan chocolate ice cream!

distribution 5.30LKDc


distribution 5.30LKDb

At the table

distribution 5.30LKDa1


distribution 5.30e

Giving out the napkins

distribution 5.30a4


distribution 5.30LKDz

John and Ed

distribution 5.30a7

We are done for the week. See you next time!

distribution 5.30a6


distribution 5.30a5

Ollie helps tie up the carts with the bungee chords

Chilis on Wheels- Help us dish out compassion! Donate today.

Chilis on Wheels- Help us dish out compassion! Donate today.


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