Saturday Distribution: We Can Do It!

Saturday Distribution: We Can Do It!

Saturday Distribution: We Can Do It!

Subway trek!

Subway trek!

Last Saturday we began our distribution in the trains. Thanks to our lovely Veganteers, we were able to load all our chili on the subway and take it to Tompkins Square Park for our weekly distribution of vegan chili. This can be quite a production, as the stop is not wheelchair accessible, which means there is no elevator, so we have to carry the carts up the stairs. Fear not. We have a team of dedicated women who are able to do this heavy lifting! Thank you Julianna, Jessica, Rachel, and Isabella for help in this trek! I’m so proud of you! Thank you Jimmy for waiting for us outside the stop so you could help us carry it up the last flight of stairs!

We saw some of our regulars, our friends, and some new folks and distributed 62 vegan chili, 72 water bottles, and 4 bags of vegan dog food. Police presence has increased in Tompkins Square Park and they have removed some of the folks that we used to help out. We do not believe in criminalizing homelessness and we hope that our friends are ok and that we will see them again soon. In the meantime we will continue to offer our services as best as we can.

We found out that several agencies have begun to refer their vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian clients to us, which makes us very happy. We are excited to offer help to fellow vegans going through hardship, which are more than you would ever guess.

Thank you to our donors last week, who made Saturday’s Distribution possible: Barbara Perlov, Michele Burlot, Ashlee Cartwright, Patrice Davis and Eldia Diaz! Thank you for helping us dish out compassion!

We have announcements of changes in our midst, stay tuned for the latest news in our social media, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Thanks for the love!

Also, Portland will be doing a distribution on Wednesday to a SOS women’s shelter. If you are in Portland and want to be part of this distribution, get in touch with Kim at [email protected]

Here are pictures of Saturday’s Distribution in NYC:

distribution 7.25a

Jimmy helps one of our regulars.

distribution 7.25b

Some of our Veganteers in the subway with our chili carts.

distribution 7.25c

All hands on board!

distribution 7.25d

Isa- a pescatarian- we hope to see her again next week!

distribution 7.25f

Distributing a much needed meal to our community. 8% of Seniors in the U.S. do not know where their next meal will come from.

distribution 7.25g

Isabella hands off the chili.

distribution 7.25h

Macy- a recipient of some of our vegan dog food.

distribution 7.25e

Our dedicated Veganteers! Thank you for showing up and serving compassion! I’m so proud of you!


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