Saturday Distribution with amazing photography

Saturday Distribution with amazing photography

In our building's lobby before packing it all up in the zip car.

In our building’s lobby before packing it all up in the zip car.

Distribution of May 9, 2015 started as usual, with a kitchen full of chili and water bottles, and high spirits for the day. We again rented a zip car in order to take us to the city. It is the best option for us right now because the carts are super heavy in the beginning and they are really hard to take up and down stairs in the subway. However, this is an expensive alternative. It runs us 30 to 40 dollars a week that we could be putting into food (that would be 20-25 complete meals). If we could find a volunteer with a car that would be willing to drive us to the city every week it would be a blessing for us.

We made it to the city and met up with our volunteers. Arvind came all the way from Boston to volunteer and meet us and see how it’s done and perhaps form a chapter there. We were very excited to meet him and his friend Suman, and would love for the Boston chapter to form. We also met up with my friend Laura who would volunteer and take pictures. She is a fantastic photographer and we were very excited to have her with us. And we met with my gals from Edward Murrow High School, the Animal Advocates for Animal Rights, my favorite crew, my high schoolers, Brianna and Grace.

We split into groups and hit the streets. The weather was cloudy and not a lot of people gathered around. Not as many as usual. We made it to Washington Square Park pretty fast and set up there, but again we did not have a lot of traffic. Our plan had been to have an offshoot team go into Central Park but last minute developments made us change course and instead all of us packed up and headed off to Tompkins Square Park.

We missed the park on the way there and got a little lost in Alphabet City, but we also gave out a lot of chilis in that section of town. By the time that we got back on course and found Tomkins Sq. Park, we had around 15 chilis left and we gave them out in 20 minutes. It made us realize that we need to play around with our routes a little more. Because we have a limited amount of food that we can give out, we need to be strategic in our delivery. We came to the conclusion that we need to experiment with our routes in the next couple of weeks in order to safely say “this is the best route”. Our plan for next week is to begin in Tompkins Sq. Park and make our way to Wash Park and Union Square. If we have the volunteers that we can spare, we will send an offshoot team to hit up Central Park.

We met some beautiful people in the way. One guy said “Hey, you’re the Chili Ladies!”, and then proceeded to tell me how he does not remember quite well when he saw us sometime in the winter, because he was ill, but that the warm chili made him feel a lot better, and helped him “come back”.

The gals met a lady who would not take the chili unless she gave something back. So she gave them some honey buns and insisted on the trade. The gals then gave the honey buns away as well.

We met a deaf man who did not understand us, but when we took the chili out to show him, he beamed up and clapped. His face of surprise and joy is still with me.

We talked a little more with Danny, the man who for the very first time called me “The Chili Lady” and whose affection encouraged me to grow Chilis on Wheels. His family comes from North Carolina. He moved here in 1965 when he was 13 years old, and he says this city has changed so much, mostly for the worst.

We met some guys who took the chili but not the water. They had a bottle of water next to them and they said “Why take more than we need?” And that so perfectly summarizes the way the world should be, the world we are trying so hard to build, the biggest lesson I am trying to leave upon my son. This was Mother’s Day weekend, and after that encounter, the motto for the weekend and perhaps my life became “Don’t take more than you need.”

We gave out 79 chilis, 100+ water bottles, 2 dog food bags, thanks to contributions made by Amanda Fields, Sarah Wolf, and Ronald Manning. A huge thank you to our volunteers Laura, Arvind, Suman, Grace, Brianna, Hannah, Julianna, Ivan and Ollie!  I leave you with the photos from the distribution by my dear friend Laura Kolbe Dotterer:

distribution 5.9a LKB

Ollie enjoys a chili and keeps an eye on donations.

distribution 5.9e LKB

With the beautiful gals from Edward Murrow High School- Student Advocates for Animal Rights. I love these ladies!

distribution 5.9b LKB

Union Square

distribution 5.9c LKB

Tompkins Square Park

distribution 5.9d LKB

Alphabet City

distribution 5.9f LKB

Meeting up- waiting for volunteers-

distribution 5.9g LKB

Billy who sang “Chili Today. Tomorrow Tamale!”

distribution 5.9h LKB


distribution 5.9i LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9j LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9k LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9l LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9m LKB

Chilis on Wheels Youth!

distribution 5.9n LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9o LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9p LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9q LKB

Cappuccino & Tattoo – Lower East Side

distribution 5.9r LKB

Union Square Park

distribution 5.9s LKB

Alphabet City

distribution 5.9t LKB

ee cummings- Lower East Side

distribution 5.9u LKB

Tompkins Square Park

distribution 5.9v LKB

Tompkins Square Park

distribution 5.9w LKB

Shameless the dog enjoyed a chili (and we left a bag of vegan dog food behind for her)

distribution 5.9x LKB

He called us “The Chili Ladies!” and thanked us for a chili on a winter day when he did not feel well.

distribution 5.9y LKB

Ollie Carrera

distribution 5.9z LKB

Ollie and Julianna, our Volunteer Coordinator

distribution 5.9z1LKB

With Suman and Arvind- volunteers from Boston!

distribution 5.9z2 LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9z3 LKB

West Village

distribution 5.9z4 LKB

In the West Village

distribution 5.9z5 LKB

Ollie- Lower East Side

distribution 5.9z6 LKB

Lower East Side- I wish I knew sign language, his face when he saw the chili is still imprinted in my memory.

distribution 5.9z7 LKB

With Suman and Arvind- volunteers from Boston!

distribution 5.9z8 LKB

In action-

distribution 5.9z9 LKB

Lower East Side

distribution 5.9za LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9zb LKB

Danny telling us about the changing city

distribution 5.9zc LKB

With Laura Dotterer- the photographer and my friend!

distribution 5.9zd LKB

Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9ze LKB

Tompkins Square Park

distribution 5.9zf LKB

Chili Team!

distribution 5.9zg LKB

Lower East Side

distribution 5.9zh LKB

Michelle Carrera and Ollie Carrera in Washington Square Park

distribution 5.9zi LKB

Ollie tired after a long day’s work

distribution 5.9zj LKB

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  1. joanneehretchinesemedicine

    Awesome photos showing your great work! It is astounding, maddening, moving, heartbreaking, to see the need that goes unmet in this rich country. It is a small group of loving and dedicated people who are serving those in need. An ever-growing group of people offering their great hearts!!! Love you!!!

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