Saturday Distributions: East Coast/West Coast

Saturday Distributions: East Coast/West Coast

Last weekend Chilis on Wheels was busy distributing vegan chili to the homeless and the community in both coasts. Portland, San Diego, and New York City all had distributions. Denver and Puerto Rico are scheduled for this weekend, so stay tuned! Here are some stories, and pictures!

Portland: On Sunday, Chilis on Wheels distributed 60 bowls of vegan chili, 70 oranges, 70 cups of waters, and 2 bags of vegan dog food! Thanks to Lily Van, Sofia Van, Wendy Deal and Randy Moyer for volunteering and made possible by donations made by Gaytheist, Divers and The Suicide Notes for donating $150 of their proceeds from their show at The High Water Mark!

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San Diego: On Saturday, the San Diego chapter of Chilis on Wheels distributed 36 vegan chili in City Heights and Downtown! Special thanks to Jimbo’s Natural Grocery for an in-kind donation of all sorts of goodies!

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New York City: This rainy Saturday Collectively Free joined us and volunteered with us distributing vegan chili to the homeless and the community. We distributed 111 chili, and 168 water bottles. Aside from seeing some of our favorite regulars come to get their Saturday lunch, the highlight of the afternoon became a conversation that we engaged in with a gentleman about veganism. We were so caught up in the conversation that there is no picture evidence, but it is quite touching. He came up to our table and took a chili and proceeded to ask about veganism and what it meant. The conversation took off from there and he really could not understand why we were calling animals “persons”. A few turns and twists down in the conversation, he eventually saw it. And it was amazing to see the light bulb go off, that instance in which he saw animals, the way we see them, as an extension in life, not as a division. Whether that translates to a change in his lifestyle habits, we will never know. But this is a person that we talked to until he “got” it. And this feeling of extending our view and pulling people into it, is amazing. In 30 minutes, with contributions by the four vegans at the table, we were able to have someone join our view. And that is amazing, that 30 minutes is all it takes.

Thank you to our volunteers from Collectively Free (Raffaella, Nathalie, Meghan) and to our regular volunteers, Grace, Julianna, Christopher, Bear, Eric, Sammie, Ivan, and Ollie. This distribution was made possible by the anonymous donors who drop one dollar, two dollars, five dollars at our donation cans. Together we can make a difference in the lives of others. And with Chilis on Wheels we can help both animals and people, by dishing out compassion!

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