Life is a cha cha cha

Life is a cha cha cha

Today we distributed 14 vegan chili to people in need of a warm meal. We hope the low number today means people are safe and sound taking refuge from the cold someplace safe indoors. We will back next Saturday!

Highlights of today included meeting James the Birdman, and hearing about his stewardship of the pigeons. Taking care of people that take care of others.

And it brings me to myself. On the way back home, navigating the snow filled, unshoveled sidewalks with two carts and one kid, was challenging to say the least. I felt my patience seep away from me, swirling away, my center a small point on the horizon. I couldn’t get a cart over the snow, the other one topled over and the left over water bottles spilled out. Ollie started crying because he wanted to hold my hand. We were both cold and tired from walking all day… What happened? An angel swept by. She walked six blocks past hers as she helped us by pulling on a cart. At first I was reluctant to accept the help, but then I realized that this is what it’s all about, helping each other. It’s not a help from above, but a help from the sides. We all need help on ocassions. I sometimes think I wear a superhero cape, but it’s really just an untucked scarf. I am so grateful. Thank you, Meghan if you’re reading this, a full hearted appreciation for your help! (I told her about our endeavors and the reason for the frustrating cargo, and what do you know, she used to volunteer with a Food Not Bombs in Arizona and enjoyed hearing of our efforts)

Thank you to everyone. The people that help us. The people that allow us to help them. The people who help others, and the people who receive help. It’s a cha cha cha, one step forward, one step back, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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