Low Income Vegan Extraordinaire: Vegan Fast Food

Low Income Vegan Extraordinaire: Vegan Fast Food

Low Income Vegan Extraordinaire: Vegan Fast Food

For the first time in the history of our Low Income Vegan Extraordinarie series- we will not be featuring a recipe, but we will be sharing some vegan options in fast food joints! The reality is that as low income people we don’t always have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Sometimes none. And if we have 15 minutes between our two jobs, we need it to rest since we mostly work on our feet all day! Sometimes cooking is simply not an option. That doesn’t mean we can’t have vegan meals.

White Castle has a veggie Burger that is vegan! (Read about it here)

Also, Taco Bell received AVA certification for their vegetarian menu, which has a lot of vegan options. If you are running low in cash and time, you can still stop in these places for cheap and vegan meals.


Here is a list of Taco Bell vegan options and add-in ingredients:

We work towards the day that all items are vegan items, but in the meantime, with limited resources we must take advantage of all the options we can. For those days when cooking is a luxury, if we have a few dollars, we don’t have to go hungry! And any time we don’t have to go hungry, it’s cause for celebration!

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