What a year! 2016 in Recap

What a year! 2016 in Recap

What a year! 2016 in Recap

What a year, what a year! 2016 has been a year of growth for Chilis on Wheels. Look at all we’ve done!

Happy Holidays from our awesome group of volunteers!

Happy Holidays from our awesome group of volunteers!

Emergency Food Distribution,

11,239 meals have been served!!

We continue setting up weekly in Tompkins Square Park, with mobile teams that distribute meals along the perimeter. We have also permanently joined New York Farm Animal Save on their monthly vigils in front of a slaughterhouse where we distribute vegan meals to the community in Harlem.

For 2017 we have secured kitchen use with Vegan Divas! This collaboration will allow us to eventually increase the amount of meals and possibly locations. We are very excited!

We are still looking for some donated storage space. If you, your church, or your employment have a closet that you can spare for our supplies, please get in touch with us!

Thank you to our Veganteers for your work today serving 100+ #vegan Mac and Cheese! What a lovely day it was!

Thank you to our Veganteers for your work today serving 100+ #vegan Mac and Cheese! What a lovely day it was!

Vegan Dog Food Emergency Distribution,

 234 bags of vegan dog food have been distributed. We’re looking for a person to develop this program. If you are interested in a long-term volunteer opportunity, please get in touch with us.


Vegan Education Program,

We continue to collaborate with The Advocacy of Veganism Society and use their leaflets every week in Tompkins Square Park and /engage people in conversations. In 2016 Chilis on Wheels Veganteers have had 309 in depth conversations about veganism to the community. We average 5 conversations a week. A conversation is defined as a long honest exchange, where the recipient is engaged and actively seeking information about veganism, actively trying to frame it in their view of the world, regardless of whether they agree to make steps to change their lifestyle. We have given out 3,280 leaflets on veganism and provided mentorship for 39 people transitioning into veganism.


We have also led talks in schools, colleges, universities, community centers, senior living facilities about veganism and hunger, and community-building, community engagement. We have visited:

School Visits/Talks:
Kappa III in the Bronx Middle School
Edward Murrow High School
La Guardia Community College
Brooklyn College of Technology

Educational Alliance Senior Program: Feb
1st Annual Puerto Rico Vegan Fest: Feb
NYU Animal Welfare Collective: Panelist: April
NYC Veg Fest: Kids Area: May
CF United: June
Easy Vegan with JL Fields
Bearded Vegans
Under the Toadstool

If you are a teacher and would like us to visit your class, or if you have a podcast or a blog and would like us to share our story or speak about veganism, or building community, please contact us!

In 2017, we will be collaborating with Healthy Gaia, to bring nutrition education to pre-schoolers and their parents in underserved communities. Get in touch with us for more information!


The Youth Engagement Program targets high school and young children, gives them positions of leadership within the organization, and encourages their participation in the community.

63 children have volunteered in New York City either on their own or with their parents and range in age from 1 to 18.

CoW NYC, had 151 adult volunteers. We had 1,596 in-kind labor hours by our dedicated volunteers.

Thanksgiving Community Feast. Photo by Erika Mitchener.

Thanksgiving Community Feast. Photo by Erika Mitchener

We have put together events for the community where we bring people together, share food, advocate for veganism, and offer workshops.

Events in 2016

Valentines Day: February: Vegan Candy Giveaway, Cookies, Love Space, community-building activities
Earth Day: March: workshops, information, special meal, seed, soil, pots giveaway, vegan chalk challenge
Fourth of July: Special meal
Collaboration with the music band PUSHMETHOD and the running organization BACK ON MY FEET to advocate and address homelessness.
Clothing Drives- May, July, September, November
Halloween: Children’s Party, workshops, vegan and community themed games
Thanksgiving Community Feast- We served 1,000 people in our biggest event of the year.
Winter Drive- Coat, Gloves, Hats, Hand Warmers, Scarves distribution
Holiday Community Celebration- Special meal distribution for the holidays, including a donation of gloves and necklaces

We continue to seasonally offer our Special Care Packages to the homeless community. These care packages have soap, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, condoms, and other personal care toiletries, mostly donated by individuals, and vegan and cruelty free businesses. We count with the support of The Fanciful Fox, Dr. Bronners,Sustain.  In 2016 we provided 187 personal care packages for Winter and Spring. We continue to seek donations of cruelty-free donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, razors, deodorants.

#Vegan personal care products and clothes were all part of the Thanksgiving Community Feast last Thursday! We really dished out compassion! #cowThanksgiving2016 photo cred: Annie Hudson. Vegan literature by @tavsdotorg

#Vegan personal care products and clothes were all part of the Thanksgiving Community Feast last Thursday! We really dished out compassion! #cowThanksgiving2016 photo cred: Annie Hudson. Vegan literature by @tavsdotorg

We continue to offer clothing drives every two months. They are a huge success both with donors and with recipients. For 2017 we will hold clothing drives on the first weekend of every Odd Number Month. Next clothing drive: January 7th.

We continue to nurture our relationship with vegan restaurants and count with the support of Marty’s VBurger, Two Boots Pizzeria (not vegan but donates their vegan pizzas), VBurger, VLife, Terri, VSpot, Vegan Divas, Erin McKenna’s Bakery, Tofurkey, Fieldroast, Hampton’s Creek as they donate food-products.

We are grateful to The Pollination Project, and A Well Fed World for their continued support and encouragement. Through Impact Grants, and a super successful Online Food Drive. We thrive because they believe in us and help us work the dream!

Photo Credit: Elaine Kavanagh

Photo Credit: Elaine Kavanagh

We are grateful to our dedicated team of volunteers who come week after week, in the rain, in the snow; who bring their children, who bring their A game, their smiles, their love. There would be no us without you!

And we are grateful to our donors, who allow us to keep purchasing food, and supplies. Without you, we would have nothing to give!

We are immensely grateful for your support!

Next year brings new expansion of Chilis on Wheels, as we take on the country with TheVTeamTour! We will be traveling in our van, building communities around free vegan food. Get in touch if you want us in your town and if you want to be a part of this game-changer project!

Together we have built community, we have begun the process of thinking collectively, we have offered and sought refuge in each other on hard times: WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE!

TheVTeamTour launches in March!

TheVTeamTour launches in March!


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