V is for Vegan. V is for Van. V is for Peace.

The V Team Tour is a project of Chili’s on Wheels, building communities around free vegan food around the country.

Our Spring/Summer 2017 stops include: 

NJ: April 19th to May 1st
Philadelphia: May 2 to May 12
Delaware: May 13 to May 16
Baltimore: May 17 to May 24
DC: May 25 to June 3th
(NYC for National Animal Rights Day on June 4th and Vegan Street Fair on June 10th!)
Boston: June 14th to June 24th
Vermont: [open]
Maine: [open]
Boston: July 15 to July 21
Alexandria, VA for Animal Rights National Conference Aug. 3rd-6th
Albany: September 1 to September 9th
Rochester: September 10th to September 17th
Buffalo: September 18th to September 25th

Along the route we meet with every day people who want to start a Chili’s on Wheels Chapter in their city, distribute free vegan food, speak of veganism and community building, share our own story and gather and share stories of other change makers.

You can follow the tour at www.instagram.com/thevteamtour/

You can support the Tour by:

*Contributing to our Crowdfunding Campaign to launch us on our journey west!

*Donating Monthly To Offset Gas & Food Distribution

*Requesting A Tour Stop (To set up a chapter, meet us, host us, have us talk at your organization, center, or church)

*Suggesting A Change Maker to Interview Along Our Route

**Hosting Michelle, Ollie &Puppy For An Evening or Few Hours So They Can Shower & Rest

*Joining our Community Connectors Team. Sign up to receive a monthly email with dates and locations. Agree to connect Michelle with someone you know at that location.


WHY A TOUR? A Note from Michelle

Two years ago, on the first snow of a brutally cold winter, on Thanksgiving Day, I held my four year old boy’s hand and together we walked the streets of New York City and handed out 15 vegan meals to people that were going through homelessness. Our lives changed that day, as we realized how much there was still to do in both the homeless and vegan communities. 

Now, we distribute around 1,000 meals a month, along with clothing drives, personal-care packages, workshops on growing your own food and being vegan on a budget, we leaflet, talk and mentor the greater community on veganism, we engage youth in participating in the community and give them positions of leadership within the organization, we have different chapters in various cities also providing meals to people that are hungry. And, now more than ever, we know there is still so much more to do!

Staying true to the organic nature of our founding, our next phase emerged last year as we purchased the Vegan Peace Van. In this van we saw an opportunity to connect and feed those that are suffering with those doing much needed work in vegan communities, all over the US not just New York City.



Starting in Spring of 2017 our family will tour the US for a year (or more). 

Our goals are to: 

      • Highlight homelessness
      • Provide vegan food to people in need of a warm meal
      • Speak to communities about veganism
      • Connect with individuals and groups making a difference in their communities
      • And, create a subscription multi-media project to help spread the word 

Specifically we will be:

      • Visiting our Chili’s On Wheel’s chapters in other cities and infuse the ones that are dwindling with new energy
      • Visiting new cities to help create new Chili’s on Wheel’s chapters
      • Distributing vegan food to everyone that needs a meal as we encounter them on the road
      • Connecting those that strive for change with those in the vegan community so that new paths and new alliances can be built
      • Talking about veganism and compassion and solidarity and community building with everyone that is willing to listen: schools, churches, community centers
      • Telling stories through a multi-media project

Our monthly costs are small for basic needs, food to feed homeless, insurance, gas and wifi. We’ve launched a small monthly contribution campaign  to fund these small expenses, and a crowdfunding campaign to help us repair the van and set aside enough funds to support our existing and current chapters as they serve food to those that need it.