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Good news- we’re reviving the Chilis on Wheels blog! We are excitedly planning all sorts of posts revolving around issues related to veganism, sustainability, homelessness, and poverty as well as the experiences of our chapters and wonderful volunteers! Make sure to stay connected and subscribe to our newsletter below…

Introducing the LIVE Mentorship Program!

Introducing the LIVE Mentorship Program! Introducing the LIVE (Low-Income Vegan Education) Mentorship Program!August 28th, 2018 It is with great excitement that we present to you our new LIVE (Low-Income Vegan Education) Mentorship Program! This program is the first of its kind to take our cultural and socioeconomic differences into consideration. We recognize that our identities

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Simple Consistent Service

Simple Consistent Service The Wonders of Giving Back… The Wonders of Giving Back…August 15th, 2018 As I was flying home from visiting with the founders of Chilis on Wheels, Michelle and Ollie, in Puerto Rico I was reflecting upon what it means to be of service. You see, I spent much of the week painting

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